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Seems a Bit on the slow side,not the server, just xp. think ya could bump that up to 2x? maybe 1.5? Just saying usually people like to go to Private server/Emu/shards because well there free and they almost always have a better community. I don't know maybe im speaking out my ass here or maybe others would like to see this as well?
Make 2 or 3 Servers? maybe after ya get a bit more stable? server one regular rates,server two 2.5x rates and high rates 5x? insta 100 seems a bit much just to start out. Though im an old school player,played back when EQ1 first came out. Just a thought

And you might wanna take PVP off. and only for areanes or guild battles. or make a pvp server just for itself. just a suggestion.
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These are all things you can do yourself, open the heidiSQL folder (if using my installer) and navigate eq2emu->ruleset_details. In there you will find MANY options such as XP rate. It was kept slow so that players would level normally giving us feedback along the way. Now if you mean on our server xp is intentionally slow so players actually move through content giving us the data we need to improve the server. If it was any faster quests would get skipped, mobs would never get killed and we would have no data on how well those systems are working.

As for multiple servers, We could do that but at this point, we are really waiting on content not code. So having multiple servers wouldn't benefit us in any meaningful way.

PVP is on simply so we can test it. If players want to nuke each other thats a good thing, we need to know it won't blow up the server, or if it does we need to know how/why.

On your local server, you can disable pvp in the rules table as instructed above.
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