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EQ2Emu Quick/Easy Linux Server installer.

-- [] Added ability to name your server on 1st startup. Will also add back after each update just to be sure updates don't overwrite it.
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-- Enabled custom install directory selection on install/first setup.
-- Added check for running as root.

A couple of notes.

it creates a config file in ~/.eq2emuinstall.conf in this file, it keeps the username/password used for MySQL. If this makes you uncomfortable please be sure to create a user that has limited DB access and use that.

My personal thoughts on above, and the reason I added the root check are this, if the config file is kept in /root/ and someone has access to it your screwed anyway. Additinally the same password will be plaintext inside the eq2emu config files and can be gotten to much more easily.

One last task on the todo list.
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-- [] Enabled sync of World characters to the LoginServer. This is enabled by default.

This was done to prevent a situation where the LS's characters aren't matched up with the world's characters. This can create all kinds of issues.
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