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EQ2Emu Quick/Easy Linux Server installer.

Since I created a windows installer I decided to try and tackle a Linux version. I currently have a REALLY rough version available.

Since this is something I threw together in an hour or so, there are bound to be some issues. If you find any bugs please message me on discord or leave a post here. I've tested this across a few different distro's and it worked on all 20+ attempts. However, if you find a bug, or use a distro that isn't currently supported please let me know.
There are some caveats:

  • Current Working Distros: Debian 10+, Ubuntu (recent), Fedora 32, Manjaro, Arch Linux.
  • There is no user input accepted currently, its set to install everything /home/eq2emu.
  • The script must be run as root or with sudo.

What this script does:
  • Step 1: Downloads the needed dependencies from whatever system your distro uses (IE APT/YUM/PACMAN/whatever).
  • Step 2: Creates /home/eq2emu and downloads the source.
  • Step 3: Downloads premake5 and then builds and installs recast libs.
  • Step 4: Downloads FMT Includes and installs them in the common folder.
  • Step 5: Builds eq2world and login.

Add interactive options to set:  Database Username, and Password.
Add update options like the windows version has (source, scripts, DB).
Add the option to upload bugs back to
Add a server startup script to handle many functions.
Add linux version detection leading to multi-version installs (IE Fedora, Arch, Ubuntu in one script)

---> EQ2EMu Linux Install Script <---
Thanks given by:

-- Added distribution detection.
-- Added Fedora Support.
-- Added Ubuntu Support.
-- Added Manjaro Support.
-- Added Arch Linux Support.
Thanks given by:

-- Added Startup Script (Includes Code/DB/Maps/Script updates) Will download on 1st run. or can be manually downloaded from HERE. (chmod +x, or bash
-- Added db import
-- Fixed a few script errors (Bash scripting is strange)
-- Added config (login_db.ini, LoginServer.ini, world_db.ini) edit on 1st run
Thanks given by:

-- Updated script to now add the loginserver SQL. Will attempt to create database on 1st run (missing config), Will update as needed afterwords.
Thanks given by:

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