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EQ2Emu Quick/Easy Linux Server installer.

Since I created a windows installer I decided to try and tackle a Linux version. If you find any bugs please message me on discord or leave a post here. I've tested this across all supported versions.

All that needs to be done is grab the script below or via "wget", and then "bash" and follow the prompts

There are some caveats:

  • Current Working Distros: Debian 10+, Ubuntu (recent), Fedora 33, Manjaro, Arch Linux, and AlmaLinux.
  • The install directory is hardcoded to /home/eq2emu.
  • The script must be run as root or with sudo.

What this script does:
  • Step 1: Downloads the needed dependencies from whatever system your distro uses (IE APT/YUM/PACMAN/whatever).
  • Step 2: Creates /home/eq2emu and downloads the source.
  • Step 3: Downloads premake5 and then builds and installs recast libs.
  • Step 4: Downloads FMT Includes and installs them in the common folder.
  • Step 5: Builds eq2world and login.
  • Step 7: Startup Script installs maps, Lua-related files, sets server name, installs newest DB, updates login server, and sends bug reports (/bug) to us.
  • Step 8: Script launches login and world servers in the background and your server is ready to play.

And the obvious but needs to be said stuff
  • If something goes wrong, and it deletes your grandmother's pictures or turns your pc into a cat-killing robot, or any other negative thing I am not responsible.
  • Support will be given ONLY if you have not changed any of the default settings.

Add interactive options to set:  Database Username, and Password.
Add update options like the windows version has (source, scripts, DB).
Add the option to upload bugs back to
Add a server startup script to handle many functions.
Add Linux version detection leading to multi-version installs (IE Fedora, Arch, Ubuntu in one script)
Add directory input support on 1st start (so you can select install dir).
Add insert of server name/password into DB/ini on 1st startup.

---> EQ2EMu Linux Install Script <---
Thanks given by:

-- Added distribution detection.
-- Added Fedora Support.
-- Added Ubuntu Support.
-- Added Manjaro Support.
-- Added Arch Linux Support.
Thanks given by:

-- Added Startup Script (Includes Code/DB/Maps/Script updates) Will download on 1st run. or can be manually downloaded from HERE. (chmod +x, or bash
-- Added db import
-- Fixed a few script errors (Bash scripting is strange)
-- Added config (login_db.ini, LoginServer.ini, world_db.ini) edit on 1st run
Thanks given by:

-- Updated script to now add the loginserver SQL. Will attempt to create database on 1st run (missing config), Will update as needed afterwords.
Thanks given by:

-- Removed the usage of cmake, now using plain old make.
-- Fixed Ubuntu/Debian Missing Boost Libs.
Thanks given by:

-- [] Added Database (for world) name selection on 1st run.
-- [] Added Database host selection on 1st run.
-- [] Corrected a bug in the LS update procedure (file name change leading to no update).
-- [] Added automatic setup of the EQ2Emu config files based on the info given during 1st config.
-- [] Corrected update of executables.

** note after update if you lack the correct data in installconfig.conf it will default to for MySQL host and eq2emu for the database name **

The new complete config should appear as:
Thanks given by:

Completed old TODO list with the following changes. Added a few more to-dos for the future.

-- [] Script will now check for if it doesn't exist it will download it.
-- [] Script will now create the initial database on 1st run.
-- added.

Currently supports the following options
  • Full DB Backup            - This will backup the world and login DB to /home/eq2emu/backups.
  • Update World DB        - This will delete your existing DB and do a full reload.
  • Update Lua                  - This will update all Lua scripts.
  • Update Maps               - This will delete existing maps and get the current ones from git.
  • Update Startup Script - This will update the
  • Fresh Compile              - This will update the source from git and compile it.
You can grab the new  HERE
Thanks given by:

-- [] Fixed an issue with the login_worldservers table being empty causing the world to not connect with the loginserver... Added default (eq2emu/eq2emu) after each update, and on 1st run.
Thanks given by:

-- Added support for Alma Linux (drop-in replacement for CentOS).
Thanks given by:

-- [install script] Corrected some issues with fedora install. Change from CMake to make broke it =P.
-- [install script] CMake will no longer get installed.
Thanks given by:

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