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Site Changes and such

-- Updated GoGs settings to stop error on health check daily.
-- Updated GoGs theme to closer match colors of zeklabs/eq2emu.
-- Updated eq2emu site banner image.
-- Updated eq2emu site footer area. Credit is given to the banner author. (thanks destiny)!
-- Corrected size of footer area. Was defaulting to a HUGE area when we just needed a few lines of space.
-- Updated links on eq2emu site. from no-sidebar/no-sidebar2.html to installeq2emu.html and playontest.html.
-- Updated links in the 2 files listed above to link to the correct files.
Thanks given by:

-- Removed the GoGs theme, it's too difficult to see.
-- Updated eq2emu site footer for all pages.
-- Updated eq2emu site pages to include login/world server status.
-- Added Server Uptime, Created Characters, Deleted Characters to login server info.
-- Updated sitemap.xml for SEO.
-- Added Meta Tag description "The objective of the EQ2Emu Project is to allow any individual to setup their own EverQuest 2 server. EQ2EMu is dedicated to EverQuest 2 Emulation.". Butchered your info and used different versions of the phrase/name eq2emu because it helps our SEO. Google can use that description on our search results. Just did index.html for the moment.
-- Fixed World info page footer (, that page has a PHP return that skipped the ending HTML. copied it into that block of code.
-- Minified main.css to speed up page loading times. (SEO fix)
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