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[ WIP ] Botanist Lith in peat bog does not go beyond dialog 3

SpawnScripts/PeatBog/BotanistLith.lua only has up to dialog 3%2C it ends with %27How so%3F%27 from player to NPC and Lith never replies any further %28need dialog 4 coded%29.

----------------------------------------] Details [----------------------------------------

Reported By: Emagi

Category: Content

Sub Cat: Quest Related

Causes Crash: Affects gameplay

Reproduceable: Always Happens

Client Version: SOEBuild=12133L

Zone Name: PeatBog

Thanks given by:

Submitted a new LUA file for Botanist Lith in Peat Bog. This might be complete after testing on live server.

*Edit* Tested and quest appears to be working properly.
Thanks given by:

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