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Fix for screen flipping arround when clicking!

(First Thanks EQ2EMu forums for this fix!)

Quote:Another things freaking my client out. When you right click to pan your camera around, your game client ends up looking in a different direction. Multiple threads on this... ... 07/page-13 ... 979/page-4

The trick is under advanced display settings - sychronized refresh set to enabled

I have tested this and this solved it 95% of the time. I still get the occasional screen jerk but it is much better.
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I had that issue in the earlier WoW clients. It doesn't happen on Linux (through WINE) but on Windows 10 I remember it did. I went into the compatibility settings and turned on "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings." I remember that newer versions of Windows 10 changed it a bit but I'm on LTSB and that fixes it for me Smile It might still exist, they might have just moved it, but it really does fix it 100% if you do that.
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Turning off smooth mouse seems to work. This was reported by Japa

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