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EQ2Emu Quick/Easy Server installer. (Windows)

If you would like to run your own development, play server I have created a simple installer that will install the server (Zeklabs Build, and MYSQL included) and place a quick launch icon on your desktop. It is quite literally install and go.


Quote:The default password for MYSQL root user is blank (Localhost only).
The user/password for Login and Mysql is eq2emu/eq2emu.

** Please note that this version of the EQ2Emulator CAN NOT connect to the main EQ2EMu login server. This is due to our updated encryption method EQ2EMu currently uses MD5 (Weak) and we use SHA512 (Quite Strong). We are working to bring the main EQ2EMu project uptodate in this regard.**

Server Update Options:

In file launch.bat you will find the following options (All Default 1):
SQLUPDATE  - Update the database (1 on 0 off). *** THIS WILL ERASE ALL CHARACTERS ***
EXEUPDATE  - Update the Loginserver/Worldserver to the most recent build (1 on 0 off).
LUAUPDATE  - Update the LUA Scripts (1 on 0 off).
MAPUPDATE  - Update the 3d Maps/Navmesh (1 on 0 off).

Server Options:

In LoginServer.ini You can set your server name Worldname=<YourServerName>. Default Login Server Username/Password is eq2emu/eq2emu.

Mysql Options (Optional):

In file my-large.ini(mariadb\bin\ directory), Set thread_concurrency =  to number of cpu's * 2. So if you have 8cores set it to 16. The default is thread_concurrency = 2 (4 cores).

Options File:

Inside the server directory (Default C:\EQ2EMu-Zeklabs) there is a file called options running it will give you the following choices

5) Update Startup Script. (This will update LAUNCH EQ2EMU.bat)
6) Full Rebuild (update DB/LUA/SQL/MAPS after delete. This will take a long time).

You can get the most up to date installer from THIS LINK
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New installer up with some changes that should solve some headaches.

Changes include
1) Correct paths for some commands that were failing.
2) Make sure options.bat is up to date every run.
3) ALL files up to date as of this build (9/8/2020).
4) Removed maps from the installer, they will have to be gotten on 1st run. This reduced the installer size and install speed by a large margin.
5) Include HeidiSQL for DB editing. Pre-setup to connect to the DB. Simply run "heidisql" or "heidisql.exe" depending on how your windows is setup.
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Updated installer again.

-- Fixed a typo preventing login server SQL from updating.
-- Fixed a bug that was causing some updates to the struct files to fail.
-- Fixed a bug in options.bat that would cause the unrar action to fail (Option 6).
-- Changed Map updates from our server to Github.
-- Progress bar shown on large downloads.
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Note: If you are getting the error message

E Packet: Could not find valid opcode for Packet Struct 'LS_LoginRequest' and client version 1

Please download an updated copy of LAUNCH EQ2EMU.rar (also found on the git server HERE )
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Updated installer with most recent DB, and build since it has been a while.
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Update to the launcher!

-- Launcher script on the first run will import login and character data (default acct username: eq2emu password: eq2emu) with admin access (255 status).
-- On the first run it will create a file in the options folder containing login info should you forget (ranonce.txt).
   -- ** NOTE ** Do not delete this file, if you wish to have the password info removed empty it and save the empty file, or else the update will run again.
-- Upon LS update Login_Worldservers will be preserved.
-- Now when doing a full update (SQLUPDATE=1) it will import the default account and character.

The update can be found on the git server located HERE

//edit: Installer exe (with changes included) updated.
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-- Updated to include bug uploading. this can be disabled by setting sendbugs=0.

For those wondering the only data dumped comes from the bugs table using the following command
mysqldump -u$MYSQLNAME -p$MYSQLPASS --no-create-db --no-create-info --complete-insert --skip-add-locks --skip-add-drop-table --skip-comments --compact eq2emu bugs >bugs.sql
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