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AoM Client Downloader (Git) - devn00b - 05-24-2020

To make things as simple as possible for our new players I created a simple batch file to do all the heavy lifting. The below will instruct you on how this whole process works.
1) Download the downloader Tongue EQ2EMu AoM Client Downloader

2) Unzip the folder whenever you like. ** Note you may need to run as admin in the next step! **

3) Inside the folder you just extracted locate [Image: get-client-bat.png] or [Image: get-client.png] depending on your windows folder settings.

What you should see when you launch the program.

[Image: main2.png]

4) Inside the zips folder you will see another folder called EQ2EMU-Client. Copy this folder wherever you want the EQClient to reside (The whole EQ2EMU-Client folder)


RE: AoM Client Downloader (Git) - devn00b - 03-15-2021

Updated original post for instructions on the new downloader (git) Steam downloader is now depreciated.

Removed update notes and other stuff relating to the steam downloader.