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Posted by: devn00b
02-27-2020, 11:32 PM
Forum: News
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If you were expecting to see the old EQPVP site, well let me be the 1st to welcome you to the future. You should probably update your bookmarks to point to this site.

I'm sure you have many questions so let me answer a few that have already been asked.

Discord Link

Why is your old site redirecting here?
That site was getting quite old, and rather than maintaining 2 sites I decided to archive it, and redirect traffic here. This is my new project, and it will be an EQ2PVP server so using that domain fits well.

What are your plans?
I plan to build a small team of people to help me with this. And to that end, if you wish to help with the DB, or LUA quests let me know here, or on Discord

I intend to move the base eq2emu code/database forward with a PVP focus in mind.

This is a big undertaking and won't be done overnight. GuildWars 1 -> Zek Season 8 was a constant evolution and I expect this to be no less. Right now just going through doing some rough fixes as I learn their commands (no # commands anymore, is hurting my brain) while finding what is, and isn't working as expected.

When can we expect a public server? Even a rough one.
There is no real ETA here. There is a lot to be done before I even consider it.

Anyway, welcome to our new home. If you find any bugs on the site, of course, let me know and if you have any questions feel free to ask them.

Is everything open source?
Yes, currently everything is available via our Git server (link to the left of this post). In the future, we may have some closed source bits, but those will be related to features that apply only to our server (IE custom stuff). All updates of relevance have been fed back upstream to EQ2EMu. Any/All EQ2EMu developers are invited to join our discord development channel.

Current Development Team:
Devn00b : Team Lead/Content.
Image : Lead Developer/Content.
Xonos.io (Richardo) : Content/Quests/Tools.
Darksinga : Content/Quests.
KinglyKrab : Content.

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Posted by: devn00b
12-29-2019, 11:55 PM
Forum: News
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So after looking at the state of tons of emulators. And playing through all of them I had hoped to work on the Planetside-Forever emulator. However, its written in Scala, which as a choice for an emulator is..just not a good fit (in my opinion).

I swung back around to a project my dear friend Image had tried to get me to work on years ago, EQ2emulator. After checking out some documentation I went ahead and installed it on the server that currently hosts EQEMu. The compile process was simple enough since it seems to share much of its base with EQEMu, or at least its style of doing things.

I currently have a server running behind the firewall (sorry if you found this place hoping to check it out) that I'll be toying with.

One thing I did notice is the DB is hot garbage. Well, EQ2EMu is in luck since I'm sort of a DB master. I'll start soon by cleaning up the DB as I do a playthrough.

..And so it begins..

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