Zeklabs Server News

Subject New Feature Activated. :: Posted By devn00b :: on 07/24/2020 21:45:02
Message: I have enabled the ability to add your own SERVER account to our login server.

  • Each server account is tied to your forum account.
  • You may have a max of 3 servers in the database/connected PER forum account.
  • You cannot edit a server once it's in the system (this is temporary). Be sure you enter your password/description correctly the 1st time.
Now that that is out of the way you can find the page EQ2EMu.com Login Account Creator. Alternatively, you can go to EQ2EMu.com and click Offical Servers -> Create Login Server Account.

Subject Test Server Online. :: Posted By devn00b :: on 04/21/2020 13:32:27
Message: We are proud to announce the immediate availability of our test server. Please read THIS HOWTO Please be aware that you WILL crash, things will be broken. This is an EARLY ALPHA. Please report any bugs or other issues via /bug. Enjoy!